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Cyriaque Ambroise

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Born in 1982, Cyriaque Ambroise is a French artist who embraces the simple living philosophy. He works between London, Paris and the Morvan Regional Natural Park in Burgundy, France.

From his open-air studios, he creates unique objects and sculptural pieces from natural materials, ethically and locally sourced. Fallen branches and trunks foraged in forests and parks constitute his main material, that he carves according to the shapes while sublimating imperfections.

As a gesture aesthete, he refuses the use of machines and only uses simple hand tools; whose daily use has become over the years a meditative practice. Without academic training, he learned by making with advices from master craftsmen. His slow and measured technique allows him to follow the grain of the wood while evoking emotions and sensations around him: the shadow of the foliage undulating in a gentle breeze or the sound of the falling rain ...

Also, as a tea enthusiast inspired by wabi-cha, he exhibits once a year —for the autumnal equinox— a collection of refined objects dedicated to the tea ceremony.

His creations are sensitive and delicate, through them he shares the vision of natural beauty found in simplicity and sobriety. For him, it’s all about time and contemplation: following the seasons, taking the time to do things according to the natural rhythm of the elements; appreciate the beauty of ephemeral and modest things. His art pieces are an honest reflection of a slow way of life, close to nature.





See the online Journal or Instagram’s stories at @cyriaqueambroise.



Plant Explorations
The New Craftsmen
Mayfair, London - UK

Autumnal Equinox
Tea utensils - Private show
23 September 2022
London - UK
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Japanese Textile & Craft Festival
28 September - 2 October 2022
London E14 - UK



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