I’m very pleased to have been part of the last exhibition curated by Galerie MONTMÉAT MAUREL where I presented a few pieces especially created for the event.

Thank you so much Renaud and Romuald for organizing this wonderful exhibition!

Thanks to all who visited "céramique, encre, laque, bois". And thank you very much to all who have acquired original artworks.

Also I’m very honoured to have shared the exhibition with 10 other talented and inspiring artists:

Emmanuel Alexia
Alberto Guzmàn
Caroline Jamous
Ryuichiro Kawaze
Raphaël Meyer
Laetitia Pineda
Serge Saunière
A-Sun Wu
Ye Xing Qian
Zhou Gang

- - -
ceramic, ink painting, laquer, wood
October 19th - 23rd 2022
5 rue de Médicis, 75006 Paris
- - -

Cover picture by Romuald Maurel