正座 椅子

Seiza stool

2022, par cyriaque ambroise
quercus seiza stool cyriaque ambroise by gareth hacker 01
Quercus | Seiza stool

This series of stools is a dialogue between Western and Japanese cultures. They were designed to facilitate the Seiza 正座 posture - the formal and traditional way of sitting in Japan: kneeling, sitting on your feet.

Carved from oak for its symbolism in Western culture, the hexagon-shaped top is also auspicious in Japanese culture. The hexagonal Kikkō 亀甲 pattern derives from the tortoiseshell shape which represents longevity.

The knots and cracks on the pieces are a reminder, or a quest, for that fleeting moment where we know how to recognize and appreciate the beauty of imperfect, ephemeral and modest things.