Dartmoor, UK | August 2019


Sweet chestnut

Wagatabon | Sweet chestnut

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Wagatabon | Sweet chestnut
Dartmoor, UK | August 2019
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Wagatabon in sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa). Slow made only with hand tools: axe, chisel, gouge, plane and straight knife. From a salvaged tree tronc that grew up near Dartmoor Nationlal Park, Devon, UK. Unique pieces naturally dyed with "ash-water".

Wagata refers to the small village of Wagatani, in Ishikawa-ken (Japan), and Bon means tray. These traditional Japanese trays are said to have been made by roof shingle makers since the early 17th century. They are often made of sweet chestnut wood which has a high amount of rot-resistant tannins.