Collection 2021

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Collection of simple cooking ware
Different woods
Different sizes

The MINGEI collection was specially made for the Craft Festival Bovey Tracey 2021. It consists of simple wooden cooking utensils carved by hand.

Collection of 30 pieces:
- 10 spoons
- 10 knives
- 10 spatulas


Min-Gei: ordinary people’s crafts - 民衆的な工芸 - minshūteki na kōgei

In The Meaning of Mingei (1933), Sōetsu Yanagi defines movement as follows:

“It must be modest but not tacky, cheap but not fragile. Above all, the Mingei objects have to avoid being dishonest, pernicious and luxurious, Being natural, sincere, safe and simple are the fundamental features of the Mingei”