I’m pleased to be taking part in Japanese Textile + Craft Festival presented by Saori Freeware Studio in colaboration with Modern Eccentrics and Craft Central.

I will show a few old pieces and a special new one.

24 / 27 March 2022
12:00 - 17:00

Preview 23 March 6-8 pm (by invitation only)

Freeweaver SAORI Studio
Craft Central
397 - 411 Westferry Road



Pieces shown:

 Crane sculpture, Tsuru 鶴 "a wish for peace", leylandii, 2022.
 Bracelet, rush, 2022.
 Tea scoop, charyo 茶量, walnut, 2020.
 Macha bowl, chawan 茶碗, sycamore, 2022.
 Matcha spoon, chashaku 茶杓, hazelnut, 2020.
 Matcha spoon, chashaku 茶杓, wild cherry, 2018.
 Chopsticks, hashi 箸, elm, 2018.

 Tray (medium size), wagatabon 我谷盆, sweet chestnut, 2019.
 Tray (small size), wagatabon 我谷盆, lime, 2019.
 Spoon/ladle, utoshakushi 有道杓子, lime, plain lacquer (fuki urushi 漆), 2019.
 Spoon/ladle, utoshakushi 有道杓子, lime, red lacquer (fuki urushi 漆 + iron pigments), 2019.
 Spoon/ladle, utoshakushi 有道杓子, lime, black lacquer (fuki urushi 漆 + charcoal pigments), 2019.